Welcome to Master of Business in the Streets (MBS) course

We move people from poverty to prosperity

Benefits of MBS Course

You can enjoy these benefits through the MBS course:


    -Tools to start and grow your own business

    -Develop a personal improvement plan

    -Create a community service plan


    -Join a FaceBook group for fellow MBS Graduates (learn and connect with successful micro-business owners around the world

    -Feature your business on an international website


    -Take the Success Ambassador course at no extra charge

    -Become a Success Ambassador

Benefits of Becoming a Success Ambassador

With the major upgrade in becoming a Success Ambassador, you can work towards these amazing benefits:

Authorized to

   -Print, use, and sell Interweave Solutions material

   -Teach the MBS course

   -Have your name on the Interweave Solutions website

   -Receive a letter of authorization to teach the MBS course


   -Access to Interweave Solutions MBS marketing materials

   -Coaching from your language director

   -Attend regular zoom trainings and annual conference

   -Join a Success Ambassador WhatsApp group

Financial Help

   -Eligible to receive Start Up and Scholarship Grants

   -Eligible for personalized social media marketing campaigns

   -Eligible for incentive grants to recruit other Success Ambassadors